About us

Our Story

After spending over 27 years working for one of the leading motor rewinding companies in Mauritius, Indren (Naden) Govindasamy discovered and built a passion for this profession. In 1973, he realised his dream and launched I.Govindasamy Co Ltd as a family business together with his wife.

Through dedication, commitment, and hard work, I.Govindasamy stands today as a reliable specialist in the motor rewinding field. In recent years, we have expanded our services from the rewinding, and maintenance of electric motors to submersible pumps, water pumps, and their spare parts for both industrial and household use. We do not only service clients in Mauritius but clients who operate across the Indian Ocean.

We have a team of highly experienced professionals who have been trained to deliver a service based on our core values – a service that exceeds clients’ expectations at all times.

I.Govindasamy recently launched their shop offering a range of high-quality products of well-known brands at Roches Brunes.


Our mission is to provide proactive world-class rewinding, repairs, servicing, and maintenance services for electric motors and pumps as well as offering a wide range of premium products at a competitive price both locally and regionally.


Be the ultimate expert and distributor in the engineering field so that we service clients operating in the Indian Ocean within an unbeatable timeframe.



Our profession runs in our blood.


Always provide the best solutions even if it means losing a business opportunity.


Client satisfaction is above everything.


Our client does not come back to us for a problem we have fixed previously.


We work around-the-clock, 24/7, 365 days if our client needs us.