Our Services



The cost of electric motors, water pumps and submersible pumps requires a huge capital investment. At I.Govindasamy, our prime concern is to meet or exceed the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) efficiency and/or extend the lifetime of such equipment for our clients.

What Makes Our Services Second To None?

  • We have extensive experience along with advanced engineering skills and craftsmanship
  • We invest in highly sophisticated machinery and tools of the latest technologies
  • We use premium materials and renowned brands
  • We follow a set of process discipline and stringent quality assurance
  • When it is more economical to replace the motor or pump, we just advise our clients accordingly
  • We work 24/7, around-the-clock!



Our Rewinding services consists of: 

  • A preliminary check to identify the actual cause of the motor or pump failure
  • A proactive and thorough assessment to identify any other possible future mechanical errors
  • An assessment of the best solution which will lead to significant improvement in a motor power density and reliability


The objective we set for our clients:

  • Lower operation costs
  • Improve installation and operation
  • Enhance motor reliability and uptime
  • Increase the Return on Investment (RoI)



Our Maintenance services composes of a pre-defined plan to continuously and regularly carry out a thorough assessment of the current state of electric motors, water pumps and/or submersible pumps including their spare parts of our clients. We take full ownership of sending friendly reminders to our clients when the servicing is due.

After the assessment, our diagnosis is reported to our clients with clear recommendations based on proactive measures so that our clients can avoid any possible business disruptions due to equipment failure in the future.

Our Maintenance services includes the following:

  • Firstly, we take a look at the electric motor or pump physical condition and record our observations, e.g., do we see any signs of corrosion and dirt, do we detect any possibility of overheating, are relays and contacts dust free and not rusty.
  • Through a brush and commutator inspection, we look for signs of wear and tear. We check whether the commutator has any dents, grooves, or scratches. We also inspect motor mount, rotor, stator and belts thoroughly.
  • We conduct a motor winding test to identify any anomalies or failures in the windings.
  • We check the bearings for noise and vibration as they indicate potential problems. We pay particular attention to the different kinds of bearings being used in the plant and what their repair requirements are.
  • We perform vibration tests to identify any faulty sleeve or ball bearings, if there is too much belt tension, or improper balance.
  • Recently, we have started using infrared thermography to capture thermal images without interfering with the motor’s operation.

I.Govindasamy only uses high quality materials from renown brands whilst delivering its rewinding, and maintenance services.

What To Expect

24/7 Assistance

We commit to working around-the-clock, 24/7, 365 days during urgencies.

Expert Advice

We ensure that our team is fully experienced and knowledgeable.

Rapid Service Delivery

We understand the exigencies of resuming your business activities in the shortest possible delay.

Constant Innovation

We consistently invest in the latest technologies and equipment to improve our service delivery.

Proactive Solutions

We carry out a full assessment of any equipment brought to us – not just the current failure.

Our Motto

We always aim to be professional, strong, reliable, and innovative.